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Renowned Santoor Maestro Pandit Satish Vyas, blessed with a formidable musical background and training, thanks to both his father and his guru, has build an outstanding reputation as a soloist on the Santoor (hammered dulcimer). His first fortune was to be born the son of Padma Bhushan (Late) Pandit C. R. Vyas, one of the most respected vocalists on the Indian music scene, a fine and highly knowledgeable performer who was the young Satish's first teacher. His second fortune was to be accepted as a disciple by the great legend Padma Vibhushan Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma - a man 'so identified with his instrument that classical Indian Santoor playing is unthinkable without Shiv Kumar Sharma's contribution to the art. Before taking the decision to make music his profession, Satish Vyas had completed his education with Bachelor's and Master's degrees in science & Management Studies, and even begun to establish a career in the business world. This background is no doubt of use to him in his work as a major and one of the most successful organizers of Classical Music Festivals in India, and indeed as Artistic Director of Navras Records Ltd. of UK in India. Pandit Satish Vyas has been a regular concert artist for the last more than 30 years or so, performing and recording all over the world, more extensively in the USA, UK & Europe, Japan and Australasia. In 1997, he was the only non-Western instrumentalist invited to perform in Venice, Italy at the "Mostra Mozart Festival", organised by the prestigious European Mozart Foundation. Vyas had also manifested his versatility by performing as a "guest musician" with the Jazz / World Music Fusion Group, "Silk" accompanying the renowned vocalist Shankar Mahadevan, the Percussion maestro Shivamani, well known Composer /Pianist / Keyboard artiste Louis Banks and Karl Peters (Bass Guitar) at a Barbican Centre concert in London few years back. He also had the privilege of performing at the world famous EDINBURGH Festival in Scotland. Satish Vyas has contributed immensely to overall Society by performing across the country apart from conducting Lecture Demonstrations and educational sessions in many Educational Institutions including Schools.

Event Details

  • What: Pandit Satish Vyas
  • Date: Sunday, May 12th, 2019 at 4.30pm
  • Where: Maple Knoll Village Auditorium

Program Summary

Pandit Satish Vyas was accompanied by Mukundraj Deo on the tabla.