The Immortal Flute

A Musical Voyage Showcasing the Influence of Indian Classical Music on Bollywood
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Amar Bansi is a Flute oriented Instrumental concert with no vocalist. Amar Oak gives a demo of how one can play the flute so that the wordings can be recollected by the audience and in doing so, Amar uses Various types of Flutes (around 30) which sizes from 38 inches to 6 inches.

Event Details

  • What: Amar Bansi : The Immortal Flute
  • Date: Sunday March 18th, 2018 at 4pm
  • Where: Sycamore High School

Program Summary

Amar Oak was supported by Vinayak Joshi on Tabla, Anay Gadgil on Keyboard and by Rohan Vanage on the Octopad / Rhythm Machine.