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Santoor Maestro Rahul Sharma

The Next Generation of Great Musical Geniuses

featuring Aditya Kalyanpur on tabla.

Friday, April 20th, 2018 at 7.30pm

Sycamore Jr. High School

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Cincinnati, Ohio

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Past Events

Pandit Dinkar Kaikini

Pandit Dinkar Kaikini-MAR 1979

Pandit Dinkar Kaikini, the veteran Hindustani classical singer, peformed the innaugural concert for Jhankar on March 19th, 1979.
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Drs. N. Rajam/Sangeeta Shankar

Drs. N. Rajam & Sangeeta Shankar-APR 2006

Padmabhushan Dr. N. Rajam is the pioneer of the revolutionary Gayaki Ang, which highly influenced the whole country to follow suit...
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Smt. Ashwini Bhide-Deshpande

Smt. Ashwini Bhide-Deshpande-MAY 2006

Dr. Ashwini Bhide-Deshpande is a Hindustani classical music vocalist from Mumbai. She pursues the Jaipur-Atrauli Gharana...
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Smt. Shubhangi Sakhalkar

Smt. Shubhangi Sakhalkar-SEPT 2006

A gold medallist with an M.A. degree in Hindustani classical music, Shubhangi believes in sharing her knowledge and raising awareness about Indian Classical music....
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Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan

Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan-OCT 2006

Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan is recognized as one of the best sitar players of his generation. Ustadji belongs to the seventh generation...
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Sandipan Samajpati

Sandipan Samajpati-APR 2007

Gifted with a rich and mellifluous voice, Sandipan Samajpati, one of the finest vocalists in India today...
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Lavanya-JUN 2007

A unique dance concert interweaving Orissi and Manipuri dance styles, Lavanya features ...
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Smt. Veena Sahasrabuddhe-SEPT 2007

Veena Sahasrabuddhe is a leading Indian vocalist and composer of Hindustani classical music. Her singing style has its roots...
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Smt. Devaki Pandit-MAY 2008

Smt. Devaki Pandit is one of the top performers of classical, semi-classical, light and devotional music of India...
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Pts. Rajan & Sajan Mishra-AUG 2008

Pandits Rajan and Sajan Mishra are two of the most beloved and highly regarded vocalists in India...
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Smt. Anupama Bhagwat/Shri Anirban Dasgupta-SEPT 2008

Shri. Anirban Dasgupta and Smt. Anupama Bhagwat presented a Sarod-Sitar Jugalbandi....
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Smt. Arati Ankalikar-Tikekar-APR 2009

Arati Ankalikar is endowed with a rich mellifluous voice, and is considered a prodigy....
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Utd Ali Ahmad Hussain Khan-MAY 2009

Ali Ahmad Hussain Khan, the premier shehnai maestro of eastern India, is considered....
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Smt. Padma Talwalkar-JUN 2009

Padma Talwalkar has acquired training in Khyal gayaki in three main....
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Smt. Rajyasree Ghosh-OCT 2009

Rajyasree Ghosh, a rising star in the firmament of Hindustani Classical Music....
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Shri. Purbayan Chatterjee-APR 2010

Purbayan Chatterjee gave his first sensational performance at the age of 5...
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Shri. Debapriya Adhikary & Shri. Samanwaya Sarkar-MAY 2010

Debapriya Adhikary (Vocal) and Samanwaya Sarkar (Sitar) are among the most talented young vocal musicians of India....
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Pt. Ronu Majumdar-OCT 2010

Pandit Ronu Majumdar, India’s Ace flautist, needs no introduction to music lovers all over the globe....
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Pt. Sanjeev Abhyankar-APR 2011

Pandit Sanjeev Abhyankar, the Maestro from the Mewati Gharana, is an artist of international acclaim ....
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Shri. Prattyush Banerjee-JUL 2011

Prattyush Banerjee is a unique twenty-first century musician who has been successfully multi-tasking....
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Shri. Ritesh and Rajnish Mishra-SEPT 2011

Ritesh and Rajnish Mishra are among the foremost inheritors of the renowned Banares vocal gharana....
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Shri.Rupak Kulkarni & Shri. Snehasish Mozumder-MAY 2012

Rupak Kulkarni has blossomed under the finest tutelage of flute maestro Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia....
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Pt. Nandkishor Muley-JUN 2012

Santoor maestro Nandkishor Muley is considered one of the leading performers....
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Smt. Jhelum Paranjape-AUG 2012

Jhelum Paranjape began her Odissi training with Guru Shankar Behera, graduating to the doyen....
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Smt. Kalapini Komkali-SEPT 2012

Endowed with a wholly original, melodious and rich voice, Kalapini is well trained and widely recognized....
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Shri. Anand Bhate-APR 2013

Anand Bhate is recognized as one of the popular vocalists of the younger generation....
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Vishwa Mohan Bhatt-MAY 2013

Winner of the Grammy Award in 1994, Vishwa Mohan Bhatt is a leading disciple....
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Smt. Kaushiki Chakrabarty-SEPT 2013

Kaushiki Chakrabarty was blessed with the rare gift of a melodious voice....
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Trilogy-APR 2014

Dr. Rajeeb Chakraborty breathes an astounding versatility of self-expression as a musician....
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Smt. Kala Ramnath-MAY 2014

Kala Ramnath, born into a family of prodigious musical talent....
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Pt. Girish Chattopadhya-JUN 2014

Pandit Girish Chattopadhya, grand-son of Late Bhabesh Chattopadhya and....
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Utd. Zakir Hussain-SEPT 2014

Grammy Award winner Zakir Hussain is appreciated both in the field of percussion and in the music world at large as an international phenomenon....
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Abhijit Pohankar-OCT 2014

Abhijit is considered to be amongst the top most Fusion Music performers and producers in India....
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Niladri Kumar-MAY 2015

Following in the footsteps of five generations of Sitar players....
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Colors of Rhythm-JUN 2015

Taufiq Qureshi, an ace percussionist of India, is also an acclaimed composer. Being the son and disciple....
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Pt. Atulkumar Upadhye-OCT 2015

Pt. Atulkumar Upadhye an ardent violinist - belongs to the revered Pandit Bhaskarbuwa Bakhale Gharana....
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Arshad Ali Khan-APR 2016

Arshad Ali is one of the few prodigies to live up to their initial promise....
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Ustad Shujaat Hussain Khan-SEP 2016

Shujaat Hussain Khan is one of the greatest North Indian classical musicians of his generation....
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Raghunandan Panshikar-SEP 2016

Born into a lineage of Sanskrit scholars and classical musicians ....
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Rakesh Chaurasia-OCT 2016

Rakesh Chaurasia, the nephew and child prodigy of flute maestro Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia....
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Manjusha Kulkarni-Patil-APR 2017

Born in Sangli (a small town in Maharashtra), known for its origin to several music maestros....
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Rahul Deshpande-AUG 2017

Rahul developed his interest in vocal music by studying the music of Pandit Kumar Gandharva....
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Ratirang-SEP 2017

"Ratirang" (a choreography expressing the divine beauty of shringar nayikas....
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About Jhankar


Jhankar is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and appreciation of Indian Classical Music – Vocal, Instrumental, Dance & Fine Arts. Our mission is not only to offer music lovers a unique opportunity to enjoy Indian Classical Music, but to foster in the citizens of south-western Ohio (Cincinnati / Dayton area) an understanding and appreciation of music of an ancient culture. Through this awareness we believe that, respect for another culture and fellowship between people of different backgrounds is achieved.

Jhankar was officially formed on March 19, 1979. Beginning with the vocal music concert of Pt. Dinkar Kaikini, Jhankar has been faithfully fulfilling its mission of bringing the best in Indian Classical Music.

Over the last 35 years, Jhankar has played a unique role in enriching the cultural life of southwest Ohio by presenting Indian Classical Music performances by visiting professional artists of international reputation. Jhankar has presented vocal, instrumental, dance, dance dramas, lecture/demonstrations and residencies throughout its existence.


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